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9-year-old girl attacked on her father when she was playing FORTNITE VIDEO GAME that made such an addiction that prevented! 


A 9-year-old girl in England was so obsessed with playing a video game of Xbox that she continued playing games for 10 hours continuously and spent the whole night awake. According to Delimel’s report, this girl crossed the limits of playing the game even further. He did not even stand when sitting constantly sitting there needed to go to the toilet. For this reason, he wet his chair. Even after he did not stop playing the game, his father pressurized him to take him up and to stop his game

If he tried, his daughter got out of the house and he made a strong punch on his father’s face. Her parents were shocked by the child’s move, and then they sent her to the Rehabilitation Center to get rid of such addiction. In order to avoid playing video games in any way.

FORTNITE VIDEO GAME is making schoolchildren victim of addiction
The UK Mirror website has reported that since the launch in July last year, the FORTNITE VIDEO GAME of Xbox has become more popular. That’s when the game has been downloaded 40 million times over a period of approximately 1 year. Little schoolchildren also keep involve like crazy in playing this game. Please tell that this is a survival game in which the user can fly himself into the air and save himself and kill others.


According to the parents of the girl, according to the parents of this girl, in January this year she had brought her daughter to an Xbox and then after that she downloaded FORTNITE VIDEO GAME because all the celebrities were promoting that game. Two months ago, their parents got an idea of ​​a change in their baby’s behavior. When his school teacher complained to the girl. Not only that, the girl was spending 50 pounds every month to play this game.

Explain that the World Health Organization (WHO) officially names the video game play as the Mental Health Disorder. Delimel has written that according to the WHO, the addiction to playing video games is called a gaming disorder, in which the person begins to talk or behave according to the characters in the game, leaving all his work to give his game the highest priority. is.


He keeps all his daily work, studies and sports and is busy playing the game. The WHO has advised the people who want to play video games, to take care of how much time they spend on playing the game and not missing their daily chores. In addition, Gamers should also be alert about their physical and mental health.

Such people should continue to mix and interact with family and friends. it seems to dominate the game of video games, especially the children, and such people get away from every important thing in life except for games.

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