India-US first 2 + 2 meeting yesterday, Foreign Minister Pompeii speaks out – India-Russia missile deal not emphasized latest news


India-US first 2 + 2 meeting yesterday, Foreign Minister Pompeii speaks out – India-Russia missile deal not emphasized

New Delhi. The first 2 + 2 talks between India and America will be on Thursday. In the meantime, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey has said that negotiations may lead to talks between India and Russia for importing oil from Iran and oil, but there will be no emphasis on this. It is being said that India has been preparing to keep its position firmly on these two issues in this dialogue. India can try to explain the security of America and its fuel crisis.

In this dialogue, it is decided to hold talks on both terrorism, defense cooperation and trade between the two countries and the Foreign Ministers. Apart from this, both countries can also talk about new government of Pakistan, opinions on change in H-1B visa process. According to sources, the two countries can be unanimous on the long pending matters and the Communications Security Agreement (COMCASSA). From the COMCASA, the Indian Army will be able to gain significant American military technology.

12-member delegation will arrive: Sources say that US Secretary of State Mike Pompey will go to Islamabad before coming to India. From there we will reach New Delhi on Wednesday. Defense Minister James Matisse will be present with him. At the same time, the 12-member American delegation included the Chief of the Staff of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Joseph Dunnford.

Earlier, the two ministers will have separate meetings: On Thursday morning, with Sushma Swaraj’s Pompeii and Sitharaman’s Matisse will have separate talks. After this, the ministers of both countries will hold 2 + 2 meetings. After lunch, Swaraj, Sitharaman, Pompeo and Matisse will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pompeo will go to America on Thursday evening, while Matisse will be leaving Friday morning.

Two-time deferred 2 + 2 meeting: Between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump met in the White House in June 2017. There were consensus on the first two + 2 talks during that period. Earlier this meeting was to be held in April 2018, but Trump has removed External Affairs Minister Rex Tillerson. Until then Mike Pompey was not appointed. Because of this talks were avoided. For the second time the meeting was scheduled in July 2018, but the US said that the meeting will be forwarded. The reason for this was the sourness of business relations between the two countries.

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