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Monday, 11 September 2017

Who is Dropout?

Meaning Of Dropout

सोर्स गूगल 

Before schools can tackle the problem of school dropouts, they need to know who is considered a
dropout  and  who  is  a  graduate.  Numerous  definitions  of  dropouts  appear  in  the  educational
literature  and  the  lack  of  a  common  definition  and  standard  data  collection  procedures  have  left 
educators and policy makers with little accurate and reliable information about dropouts.Resear
ch  shows  that  leaving  school  early  is  the  outcome  of  a  long  process  of  disengagement
from  the  school  (Christon,  Sinlair,  lehr,  &Godler,  2001);  dropout  is  preceded  by  indicators  of 
withdrawal  (e.g.,  poor  attendance)  or  unsuccessful  school  experiences  (e.g.,  academic  or 
behavioral  difficulties)  that  often  begin  in  elementary  school.  Overt  indicators  of  disengagement  
are  generally  accompanied  by  feelings  of  alienation,  poor  sense  of  belonging,  and  a  general  dislike of school.
Dropout  statistics  can  be  used  to  monitor  the  success  of  schools  and  identify  students  needing 
special  attention.  In  addition,  statistics  would  provide  an  overall  indication  of  the  success  of  the 
educational system. To make these assessments, however, data must be collected according to
the  same  definitions,  using  the  same  procedures,  and  over  the  same  period  of  time  (Clements, 
1990). Graduation and dropout rates must therefore be comparable across regions and centres.
Some definitions of dropouts are very broad and general, while others are specific and technical.
Spencer (1977:2)  describes 
  “a  student  who  has  dropped  out  of  reasons  other  than  promotion, 
transfer,  completion  of  secondary  school  or  death”,  including  those  who  were  dropped  out  the 
schools, because of excessive absence from school.In  conclusion  the  researcher’s  definition  in  terms  of  ‘NAMCOL  learner  dropout’  is  a  learner  who  enrolled with College and fails to register for the exams. Also learners who did or did not submit the first, second assignment and write mock exams but fail to sit for the final exams. Even those who sit for the final exams and received ungraded results are regarded as learners who dropout

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